Dave Smyth Studio

Hi, I’m Dave. I help organisations, startups and purpose-driven businesses create positively memorable user experiences.

Independent UX/UI Designer + Frontend Developer

Principles to build a better web

About Dave

I am an independent UX/UI designer and frontend developer working with organisations, startups and purpose-driven businesses. I help my clients create positively memorable web experiences that balance organisational goals with the needs of their users.

As standard, the websites I produce are bespoke and tailored to you. They’re fast, clear, inclusive, privacy-respecting and low carbon by default.

I can help with strategy, UX and UI design, development, user experience and brand refinement. Over the years, I’ve developed an extensive network of expert partners who can provide additional services.

It’s rare – but not impossible – for full design and development projects to take less than £7,000 of time and effort. Projects for social good may be eligible for a discounted rate.

Want to discuss a project? Drop me a line: hello@davesmyth.studio

I can help you with

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • User Experience
  • Development
  • Brand Refinement