Group 2

Availability from August 2024


I work with day rates and my current rate is £500/day. My working day is five-hours.

Projects for social good may be eligible for a discounted rate.

How long will it take and how much will it cost? These are reasonable questions, but every project is different.

Here are some recent project timelines and day totals that give an overview of how projects can shape up:

Launch Description Days
2024 Redesign of a charity website 20 days
2024 Documentation site redesign 25 days
2024 Redesign of an academic centre’s website and blog 32 days
2024 Refinement of a mini site design 5 days
2024 Redesign of a freelancer’s marketing website 12 days
2024 Marketing site redesign and brand refinement 70 days
2023 Minisite design 2 days
2023 Redesign of a musician’s website 3 days
2023 Personal site/blog for independent 5 days
2023 Marketing site redesign 60 days
2023 Single page site for a solo UX writer 3 days
2022 Marketing website for law firm 80 days
2022 Design/development for a music catalog mini site 10 days